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dynamic, blue energy field with red points and egg type formations called Bozons (thumbnail) DEEP VEIN 1 (thumbnail) a woman at a river filled with golden eggs is seemingly catching golden eggs from the sky and she herself is the "river" (thumbnail) ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 2 (thumbnail) MERMAID WITH DOG (thumbnail) SEASCAPE FIVE, SELF PORTRAIT (thumbnail) DAWN (thumbnail) JAZZ DANCER (thumbnail) MAGICA BLUE (thumbnail) SELF HEALING (thumbnail) MUSK OX RUN 1 (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART 1 (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART 2 (thumbnail) Eva Montealegre in New Orleans (thumbnail) Chakra Man (thumbnail) Luminosity Five (thumbnail) Being part of something much bigger than oneself (thumbnail) Luminosity Six (thumbnail) FIRST HEAL (thumbnail) SEEDPOD 2 (thumbnail) COSMIC MAMA (thumbnail) Artist Photo (thumbnail) SUBURBAN MYTH ARTISTS (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY SERIES  AT YOUTH CENTER (thumbnail) POWER OF NATURE, THE JUMP FOR JOY (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY 11 (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY #9 COMING & GOING (thumbnail) EVA IS THE MOUNTAIN (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART #4 (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART 5, Red Chair, Chandelier and Cat (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY 10 (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY #12 (thumbnail) Lady Starskull Ponders the Cosmos (thumbnail) Lil' White Buffalo Calf (thumbnail) Blue Flame (thumbnail) KISS ME! (thumbnail) BULLS #8 (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY 13, CREATIVE CALL (thumbnail) DREAM DEER, JUMP AT THE SUN (thumbnail) DREAM DEER, THE CROSSING (thumbnail) MUSK OXEN 2 (thumbnail) HUMMINGBIRD 1 (thumbnail) HEAL THYSELF (thumbnail) BULLS #3 (thumbnail) BULLS #9 (thumbnail) THE SHAMAN (thumbnail) Jump At the Sun 2 (thumbnail) Dream Deer Emergent (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART    "ARRIVAL" (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART    "EVENING" (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART    "THREE A.M." (thumbnail) HAUNTED HEART: EVA (thumbnail) LUMINOSITY14 MAN (thumbnail) HH TOYDANCER (thumbnail) KI 1 (thumbnail) AWAKENING (thumbnail) SUN ONE (thumbnail) INCANABULA (thumbnail) NEBULA (thumbnail) ANCIENT WARRIOR MASK (thumbnail) ANCIENT WARRIOR VIEW 2 (thumbnail) SOFT SCULPTURE  FOUR PIECES - THE MEETING (thumbnail) A LIGHT UNTO THYSELF (thumbnail) WE ARE STARDUST (thumbnail) IT'S ALRIGHT (thumbnail) BONDING RITUAL 2 (thumbnail) Taurus energy (thumbnail) AUTUMNAL OWL (thumbnail) Luminosity 16  INSPIRED STANCE (thumbnail) GUARDIAN (thumbnail) OF THE BODY (thumbnail) COME UNTO ME 3 (thumbnail) FENG SHUI (thumbnail) RIVERS & BODIES OF WATER 8 (thumbnail) SEASCAPE 4 (thumbnail) RAIN, RENEWAL, SEA AND EARTH REJOICE (thumbnail) BIRD LADY (thumbnail) MODERN ART GALLERY on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles (thumbnail) MODERN ART GALLERY TOO (thumbnail) MODERN ART GALLERY 3 (thumbnail) BLUEBIRD ARTHOUSE (thumbnail) EVA MONTEALEGRE, RENE RUSSO, HARTMUT - MUSK OX 2 (thumbnail) HEART TOUCH ORG ART FUNDRAISER  (thumbnail) DEEP VEIN 4 (thumbnail) DEEP VEIN 3 (thumbnail) DEEP VEIN 2 (thumbnail) ASCENSION (thumbnail) PRIMAVERA ONE (thumbnail) Eva Paints THRESHOLD (thumbnail) DEEP ONE (thumbnail) DEEP TW0  (thumbnail) L'Homage (thumbnail) DREAMDEER HEALS (thumbnail) ANCIENT HABITAT TWO (thumbnail) ANCIENT HABITAT ONE (thumbnail) BEAR SPIRIT TWO (thumbnail) Bear Woman (thumbnail) DOUBLE EYED BEAR (thumbnail) BABY DREAM DEER (thumbnail) SHIFT (thumbnail) BIRDLADY (thumbnail) WHAT COLOR IS THE MOUNTAIN? (thumbnail) a black mask with short and long feathers and nice spirals eyes with a giant rhinestone center (thumbnail) RAVEN MASK SIDE VIEW 2 (thumbnail) AVAILABLE @ ADAGIO GALLERY (thumbnail) oil on canvas, serpent of fire with eggs (thumbnail) Deep Creation (thumbnail) Deep Serpent (thumbnail) COSMIC OWL (thumbnail) CAPRICORN MOON (thumbnail) SPIRIT HORSE (thumbnail) DEEP THREE (thumbnail) AMERICAN BIRDWOMAN (thumbnail) STUDY IN BLACK & YELLOW (thumbnail)
RIVERS & BODIES OF WATER 8 (large view)
40" H x 56" W