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A vast collection of Eva's work will be featured at the ART DEPOT GALLERY for a much anticipated SOLO EXHIBIT sponsored by the city of Fontana. THE ART DEPOT GALLERY is located at 16822 Spring St. Fontana CA, 92335, opening March 5, 2019. Many new paintings will be revealed with advantageous pricing for the collector. Presently, you can see Montealegre's work at THE HANGAR GALLERY, Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue. Collectors are invited to her home studio gallery on the border of Malibu and Topanga, overlooking ocean, anytime.  All you have to do is call and book a time and get directions. 310.455.3084 is the gallery phone number.
Montealegre is a featured artist spotlighting her Deep Series in Art and Beyond Magazine, the July/August issue. Her large paintings: It's Alright, 44" x 70" oil on canvas and Blu Moon 54" x 96" silver and oil on canvas, are on display at Memorial Hospital in Ventura through October 2018 and available for purchase. In 2017 Eva's work was featured at Bergamot's Beyond The Lines Gallery, so far she has been featured in three different shows including CAPTURED MOMENTS, THE WILD SHOW and a live mural painting exhibit. You can also find her work live and in-person at CAFE 212 on Pier Avenue off Main Street as well as Eve's Salon on Wilshire and 2nd in Santa Monica: all work available for purchase.

After studying graphic design for years, Eva's love affair with painting emerged under the tutelage of abstract painter, Robert Kingston. From the moment she first applied paint to canvas something resonated deep in the core of her being and she knew she was destined to become what some people call a mad crazy painter.  It was a match of spirit and the world - she sold that first painting even before it dried.  Since then, her work has been acquired by art collectors in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Santa Barbara.  Her gallery debut was at Long Beach Arts gallery where her work, Lady Starskull Ponders the Cosmos, garnered acclaim and was awarded a prize. M.J. Higgins Gallery on the Downtown Los Angeles Art walk followed, and then the Topanga Art Safari, the Historical Art Pavilion in Santa Barbara, the Canoga Youth Art Center, Orlando Gallery, Verve Gallery on La Brea, TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, Art Raw Gallery in West Chelsea, N.Y., the Modern Art Gallery on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, Blue Bird Art House, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Montealegre was a featured artist at ADAGIO GALLERY in Palm Desert, CA on El Paseo.  She participated in a cultural exchange Master Class, under the auspices of the Hermitage Museum in West Hollywood on Sunset Blvd in 2011.  Her work was featured in the PICTURE ART FOUNDATION MUSEUM'S exhibit of "I HAVE A RIGHT!" until August of 2012 and her work was featured at MOLAA'S (Museum of Latin American Art) WOMEN'S DAY FESTIVAL in early 2012.  More recently, she is the 1ST PLACE AWARD recipient of the SDWCA'S open themed online exhibition for her painting, IT'S ALRIGHT", 44" x 70" oil on canvas, and "MOON ONE"
Montealegre's studio oversees a wild life conservancy, providing her with a view of the Santa Monica mountains who's wild creatures Montealegre delights in painting. Eva often goes for long walks and has encounters with the wildlife.  She sometimes meditates for days at time before one of her painting streaks. Her LUMINOSITY series was a focus of meditation for a year before she created the first painting.  The LUMINOSITY series has been very successful - a number of original paintings of this series have been collected all over America.
“I am blessed in that I live my life nestled in the bosom of mother-nature and yet I have interaction with actors, dancers, writers and other creative people that are a part of my natural community.  My intention as an artist is to create a dance of color and form that manifests in a dreamlike conveyance of everything from whimsy to drama. An iconic or an energetic flow, a spiritual is-ness and sometimes even an explosion is conveyed. This intense style of painting allows me to create a tran-substantial truth, an energetic veracity.  My artistic influences include my painting instructor, Robert Kingston, but I have had other teachers. Sometimes I have been lucky enough to have personal, private time being instructed and experiencing exchanges with these artist. I found this to be extremely advantageous and a wonderful enhancement of any formal school training. I admire the work of the great masters including the original cave painters as well as Kiki Smith and Elizabeth Murray. Many reference my work to Green, Bartow, Scholder & Bacon. I enjoy creating community events that incorporate visual art with other artistic art forms and even science. I love working with both children and adults.
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