I have been shaped by an intense artistic environment and so my creative impulse is nurtured by different expressive forms.  Because I have a background in the theatre and film, I have spent many work hours on the sets, stages and back stages of  theatres and sound rooms, in the darkness of editing rooms.  I find that I am affected and seduced by the character and ambience of a room or a set and so, in my paintings I am examining the personas, the dark and mysterious corners, the stopping places and launching pads of my own soul.  The LA crime novel has affected me in that I am forever investigating my humanity, the mystery of my meaning, my own storyline.  It is only because I dig deep that I discover themes that are universal, that others relate to, as we are all born of water, we are all in a waking dream of a mystifying reality.
The rest is the unfolding of nature, my truth and my ability to reach, to pierce… you.
 In my exploration of texture and color I want to excite the sensibilities, to engulf, saturate.  Though thoughtful of unity and through-line, I seek to convey a freedom and visceral truth that is unencumbered by message or agenda.  This allows me to construct each work with a joyful, exploratory energy.  Of course, there are multi-layered and profound meanings for me and yet I intend that others discover the answer to the questions posed by my work with their own stories and possibilities. 
All artists stand on the shoulders of those who came before them.  I've had the honor of being nurtured by artists and teachers who are impassioned and sincere, who dedicate their lives to being art, teaching art.  I owe a special thanks to them for inspiring me, taking the time to not only talk to me but also listen to me.  They are all my teachers.   My work is because of them.  These people include but are not limited to:
David Carmichael - sculptor
Ronald John Schroder, Sr. - sculptor
Patricia Ann Wilson - poet, journalist, novelist
Adrian Wong-Shue - painter, instructor
Robert Kingston - painter, Professor, Pierce Art Department
Constance Kocs - painter, Professor, Pierce Art Department
Greg Gilbertson - sculptor, Professor, Co-Chair, Pierce Art Department
Melody Cooper - ceramic artist, Professor, Pierce Art Department
David Oshima - Graphic Design Professor, Chairman, Pierce Art Dept
Ellen Lane - mixed-media artist, instructor
Ave Pildas -  Chairman Communication Arts Otis College of Art and Design
Thanks for the time your took, the time you gave, the moments you spent -
I am forever in your debt...